• High Quality Touchscreen Display

    The touchscreen display with various size from 10” to 21.5” and high definition and brightness enhances fitness experience a lot.

  • Multi Networking Function

    - Bluetooth: to connect your personal wireless headphones and the included Bluetooth heart rate monitor.
    - Wi-Fi: to connect your console via Wi-Fi for software updates, customer cloud connectivity, web browsing and entertainment apps.

  • Rich I/O & Flexible Customization

    - Voice command function: control console by voice command to speed up/down, incline up/down and other functions.
    - Rich I/O and function design for customers include speaker watt, audio in/out, media app, workout programs and energy-saving mode.


  • Processor
  • Cortex A53 *4 / Cortex M7 - NPU (Tensorflow)
  • Memory
  • LPDDR4 2GB - 2GHz (4000MT/s) 16G(512Mx32bit
  • Storage
  • eMMC5.1- 16GB
  • Video (Input / Output)
  • Type-A Full HD
  • Communication
  • Ethernet/Wi-Fi 5/Wi-Fi 6/Bluetooth/CAN (CAN Transceiver/FlexCAN 20)
  • I/O Interface
  • USB Type A/USB3.0 + USB2.0 OTG