MSI offers automotive, industrial and commercial grade ARM-based Linux and Android solutions. We provide solid ODM products including rugged tablets, customized HMI, embedded systems, and network appliances.

We have been developing the user-friendly Android solutions with GMS certifications for years. Our team launched the first GMS cerfified vehicle tablet with NXP/Freescale i.MX series CPU. Our 2,300 in-house R&D engineers allow us to exceed our competitors in product developing time as well as to offer customers durable products integrated with progressive technologies.

We ensure high productivity with strict manufacturing management, low defect rates and reasonable manufacturing and material costs with our procurement power. To date, we have built solid partnership with leading companies worldwide, which is the best endorsement of our excellent performance.

  • No. 1 fleet management ODM supplier

    We develop smart, tough and reliable transportation and logistics solutions for fleet management, connected car, car insurance use, which help commercial fleet companies wisely reduce cost and increase profits. We aim at ARM based Android/Linux platforms which are in line with the latest trend, including rugged vehicle tablets for both on-road and off-road vehicles, telematics box, electronic logging devices (ELD), and vehicle electronics. We are capable of developing and producing both original equipment parts and aftermarket products. Our engineering team is highly experienced in integration, customized solution supporting, over-the-air (OTA) supporting, diagnostic application customization, proprietary API building, and so on.

  • Partnering with leading TAXI fleet companies in Taiwan & Japan

    We offer TAXI dispatch & ad. solution to the largest TAXI fleet companies in Taiwan and Japan. Both of them effectively optimize the fleet performance and enhance the drivers' efficiency, brand image and extra revenue with our in-cab dispatch and interactive advertisement system.

  • Qualified with strict standards

    To ensure our products with long life operation in harsh environment, all the products are qualified with strict reliability standards. For example, SAE J1455 and MIL-STD-810G (US military standard) for operational swept sine/random vibration, and operating temperature storage. And ISO 7637 and ISO 16750 for the compatibility of batteries upon vehicles.

  • Multifunctional console for off-road vehicle

    We are experienced in cooperating with different industries. We also capable of developing the multifunctional console of off-road vehicle such as agriculture tractor and construction machine. We fulfill different requirements comforming to different industries like high brightness LCD, high IP protection level, and various housing materials.

  • MFD & fishfinder for recreational and commercial marine

    We support our customers solutions with different communication protocol to work with different types of vehicles. We are confident to be the best partner of customers in recreational and commercial marine industry to develop the next generation multifunctional display.

  • Android platform for commercial use

    As a leading manufacturer of embedded systems and as an experienced developer of ARM/Android platform; we design, develop and produce the best retail and restaurant solutions. Our user-friendly Android-based commercial system solutions make it easier and faster to ring up sale.

  • Ordering & payment solution

    In restaurants, the handheld ordering devices, self-order and payment tabletop kiosks make dining an even more pleasant event. The diners are able to order their meals with the tabletop kiosk faster than ever without waiting for the servers; while the servers are able to provide immediate services with the handheld ordering device. After a few clicks, paying and ordering are completed, and the orders are delivered to the backstage system. This one-stop process decreases misunderstandings and increases effectiveness and joyfulness.

  • Long-life & high-durability

    Furthermore, the combination of long-life NXP CPU and the high-durability mechanicals assure you the highest standard product quality. You don't even need to worry about dropping your products. They are invincible! We satisfy our customers with solid service and we upgrade user experience with our profession. We provide the best for the best.

  • Customized console for fitness application

    MSI facilitates partners in all types of industries to develop customized embedded systems based on ARM structure. We have been cooperating with the leading company in health tech industry, and offer commercial grade HMI solutions for their fitness applications.

  • HMI for industry 4.0 machine

    We are capable of supporting our customers to develop industrial grade embedded platform solution for industry 4.0 machine. Our profession lies in our previous experiences in HMI, vehicle gateway, surveillance systems, and telematics and infotainment solutions. To assure the best products, we make compromise on neither quality nor technology. Our embedded systems are able to function smoothly under not only normal conditions but tough environments. In addition to that, as a professional developer, we are capable of passing required certificates, which provides our partners with more customized applications.

  • Smart Home control center & IOT solutions

    Living with coziness and peace is humanity. Yet, we also want you to live smartly. Hence, to create the best for you is our mission. We offer either smart home control center, related smart devices or total solutions according to customized requirements.

  • Innovation with style

    Beside hardware devices, we also support our customers to build cloud platforms, which helps to add values on the hardware applications, optimizes user experiences and applies the latest AI technology to the devices for individual purposes. With our experienced in-house R&D engineers and ID team, we transform your ideas into a real, innovative, stylish product.